Trust Issues.

I am a 22 year old woman, who once (2 years back) had huge groups of friends. I was one of the most vivacious, confident, popular girl in my class. Everybody felt I was the best person anyone can have as a friend. As time passed an as we were nearing to the end of college, my friends started to filter out and I was left with 2/3 very close friends. They were my social support and we enjoyed life to the fullest. Just a few days before finishing college, I had a fight with my friends ex boyfriend ( who was the biggest jerk any one could come across and who hurt my best friend multiple number of times) regarding organizing some event. I knew what I was doing was right and he was the one who was manipulating things. Next, thing I know is my best friend was not talking to me /ignoring me because of my fight with her ex BF. I was angry on her because she was supporting the her ex BF instead of me, even though she knew he was wrong and dumped her multiple times. Finally, It was time for us to leave college and we did not talk to each other. I feel betrayed because I did a lot for my friend and she chose him over me.
There was another incident were two of my close friends whom I trusted a lot tried to steal my boyfriend, just because they were jealous of me. I do not speak to them anymore and I have lost trust in true friendship because of all these incidents and can no longer be close to anyone anymore. I feel miserable and lonely because this is not how I truly am!!
Syncstar Syncstar
22-25, F
Jul 29, 2012