I Have To Get Rid Of Someone As Soon As I Start Liking Them

Looking back over my dating history, the more I like a guy the less I can be with him. I won't ever allow myself to care for someone as I feel like it leaves you completely open and vulnerable. My longest relationship (3 months) was cos I felt nothing for him.

The guy I was seeing recently though I thought I might be able to fall in love with, but I can't allow any part of my happiness to depend on another person, people let you down. So he had to go, breaking up before I'm in too deep; these few days of guaranteed sadness is surely better than the potential risk of serious heartbreak further down the line, isn't it?
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Thanks for the responses guys ironically for the topic it's nice to know I'm not alone.

Just to update, I seem to be in unchartered territory now, he refused to be broken up with and came round to my house 3 times over the weekend til I let him in- that's new! I still couldn't/wouldn't explain what was wrong but he seems willing to accept the freaking out and pushing him away is just me.

What do I do with someone determined to be there for me and accept my flaws. They normally give up much more easily than this damn him.

I feel like I can't allow one little person to break me so easily, after all these years but what an odd way to look at it... So confused now.

You have found yourself a man worth keeping. He feels something for you, and actually made you think about giving him a chance, he's doing something right. I say give a him a chance, hes trying for the most part.

I found myself having this mentality. When it comes to love you must be willing to take chances. I understand you would want to make sure you don't get hurt but it's all a learning process. Make mistakes and never make them again. I believe you will find someone, because I believe in you. Just take chances.

maybe u need to stay single for a year, so that you can appreciate both sides

I was single for 2 years straight at one point, I mean not even a hug from the opposite sex. It honestly didn't bother me which is troubling.

I am a lot like this too...and I wish I weren't. I am almost hoping to find someone that naturally changes my mentality...
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just saying

I hope you give this man a try. Tell him your fears and that you want to take it slow. He seems like a man that will hold your hand through this. Love is the most beautiful thing. It's worth it even if it results in pain but what if it doesn't! I met a man like you. It broke my heart to not give love a chance. But I'm blessed I experienced it.

Read posts I believe in love " be vulnerable "

I took your advice, and read it. It was a very well transmitted message with plenty of honesty. Thanks for the tip. Anyone who loves Beethoven is a friend of mine.