Its Complicated

I never paid any attention to the male sex....well to people on a whole to me the world is full of deceiving selfish self center walking deads but somehow you seem to let them get. Close seem to let them in. But the thought of losing someone as a result of not opening up is....lets just say someone who makes u feel warm someone that makes you want to give up who you've been for what they are....make you feel and acknowledge love for the first time in your it worth opening up? Is it worth the trust? Is it worth the time? I would never know if I don't move forward ... Proceed with cation....the course of true love never did run smooth.... William Shakespeare...
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Well said... you built yourself a road and picked a path based on intelligence.
I wouldn't know about Shakespeare that much, probably won't open that collection until I get my own place and big 'ol leather couch near a fireplace :3 but what he said seems very sensible. I wouldn't dream of it either, if relations and love were predictable why even bother? predictable quickly becomes constricting boredom.

That makes a lot of sense .... I Don't know too much about Shakespeare either but from what I've read so far he is magnificent

hey sonnymintgreen. People are different and strange, if you enjoy being in someones company and they don't seem like a jerk I believe thats its ok to open up to them. Just do what you feel comfortable in. :)

Thank You for the advice 23kk23

Always happy to help :)