In My Memories

Those everyday people in your life, that you kind of expect to always be there. You miss them when you leave, and they'll miss you too, but they move on. Je suis desolée mais c'est la vie. I'm sorry, but that's life. I left 6 months ago, sometimes I feel I'm moving on too finally. That's never the case, somehow the scabs are ripped off and the pain seems brand new again. It took years to become close to them, and they became my friends, people I've come to rely on. Junior year is a little late to restart. Now I am alone, and sure I have acquaintances. But not what I'd call my friend. Not anyone to rely on. Not anyone I know, no matter what, can always make me feel better. These mornings I dread. The ones where all my memories flood me and I feel like crying, but I'm all cried out. I miss them everyday and nothing can replace someone in your heart. I'll always have them in my memories.
AriesNerd AriesNerd
18-21, F
Jan 22, 2013