Character Vigilance

When making friends,I try to check their Character,in other to know maybe he/her Character will cause hindrances to my object of making thing happen positively, I kind of study their way of life,and stay far off from them if their behavior is going to destroy my ambition and passion in my career,as a person I love to relate with those that we will both influence each other positively, not making friends for the sake of having friend, i prefer to be lonely than to be with those that will tarnish and send me to the grave of perdition. I could remember of a friend i allowed to penetrate with my way of life but later,the guy started influencing me with Alcoholism and all sort of negativity, i just felt like, wow,,what a stricken character is trying to pass on me, and am a kind of person that always checkmate my life through the rough times in life,in other to know the cause of my initial problem,trying to find the center of a problem,and finding a way i can terminate the difficulty am experiencing, then i stay far off from the guy.That is why i can't easily fall for Mirroring Friends.......
tobcreal tobcreal
26-30, M
1 Response Feb 5, 2013

You are a very wise young man,people can often influence you for the worse,chosing your friends carefully is vital because very little sometimes can take you off your chosen path,you were right to have got away from that boy who was influencing you to drink,sometimes people are jealous of what you have achieved and try to achieve,so they try to sabotage it,I have had such a "friend" once and if and when you wake up to what they are trying to do it is a very disturbing insight but a good lesson if it opens your eyes .Take care.