I Had To Vent About This...

So right now I had to write this before I go post something on another social network, and get myself in trouble.
I CANNOT EVER TRUST A women that can only hold on to men as friends, only looks for men as friends, talks to men more then women, will reply to every detail of a man's life, and will completely treat a good women different. And will treat a bad man the best. Or even dump her amazing boyfriend for a bad guy that she will never get. Much more a women that is 30 years old shouldn't be looking into 22year old men. Especially if the guy is her brothers friend. And do bad after bad things to try to look cool. I can't take this person anymore. Or women that only can have male relationships. I looked into this. And people say that these certain women are so insecure that they can't have girlfriends. I used to think I was insecure but I can never be jeleous of a girl , ill be happy for her... But this "women" is so jealous of evryone and everything. Whyyyyyyy..... And why does she get offended by everything ! ! ! ? ? ? (im her brother's girlfriend) and she gets mad if her family loves me and I love them. Ugh I'm so over it.
Bgarz Bgarz
22-25, F
Feb 10, 2013