Self Cotouse Abusive Home Since A Child!

This problem developed at the age of 5 i was a victim of a an abusive home and a victim of molestation and verbal abuse, from my Mother and Father it has been from then that  I have problems with people getting close to me I am very afraid of getting hurt and getting betrayed of my trust its not an easy thing for me to do but I have been working on it really hard lately. I have my boyfriend that is recently been helping me gain my trust and confidence level for my self also he has been helping me motivate my self and made me see my self as a special individual with talents and gifts but yet at that it has been hard for me to let him get to close to me or me trusting him on so many levels. I must admit I have a great deal amount of respect and leave my guard down with my boyfriend because dealing with some one like me with special needs is difficult but he has been there and stuck around through the end.

MichelleJasonUSMCLCPL MichelleJasonUSMCLCPL
26-30, F
Feb 13, 2010