The Speechless Romance

It was two years ago, it was at that banquet, it was the night we kissed without a word said between us, from that night everything changed, the following day is when everything seem to come together and then age, and feelings of other people and everything else seem to take place, but  i was easy to over come and moved on, but yet two years later here me and you are both hiding we both wish we were together, here i stand single wishing that you were mine as you are taken, the time ive spent with you recently feels as though as something it has taken months or even years for others to get out of me that you so easily make me feel okay, for once that its who i am and the first for alot when alot of my firsts have been taken from me, you still find a way to be my first and make me feel so happy, but shy, but yet so comfortable all at once and all i wish to do is thank you, i have never been so i dont even know how to explain it, its like extreamly happy but yet so calm because i know you are not mine but i am willing to wait forever if it will, no one knows alot about me cause i know how people act and i know they will classify me as something that im not or try to understand in the right ways of the wrong thoughts throwing me into a small depression cause its not what i want but what they want, so for now i shall sit and i shall wait, letting everything take its place slowly allowing the crowd shout its yells and i will wait, til the right time and take a leap and just hope i dont fall

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Mar 7, 2010