I Guess I Am...

I guess you could say I'm selective. I won't trust anyone with anything personal of mine to someone(be it my feelings or something physical), until I've known them for a while. I can't help but see what kind of person a newcomer in my life is first. I don't like peer pressure, so if someone tries to pressure me into something I get uncomfortable, and I tend to avoid them(or confront them if they don't let up).Likewise I don't like to pressure people into situations where they're uncomfortable either. I'm not a big fan of narcissists either. I see no reason to put my time into a 'friendship' that they'll probably only use to feed into their glorified self-image(luckily, I know very few of these people). That's not to say I'm unfriendly. I always have a mutual respect for people I've just met. It's whether or not they return that respect that starts the foundation of a friendship(at least in my opinion). If they prove to be a true friend then I know I can trust them. So I wouldn't say that I'm a loner, I just don't let people that are new to me(or someone that's shown that they are a poor friend)too close to me personally, so yes, I am selective about the people I let get close to me. So I'm going to apologize in advance to anyone who thinks I come off as rude, because I don't mean to be. I'm actually an okay guy.

mistaXbarreto mistaXbarreto
18-21, M
Mar 13, 2010