I Agree.

I am a *very* private person.  It is not so much that I dislike people, but I am shy and get used alot.  In most relationships and friendships, I find I  put in more than I get back. 
For example, in law school my best friend and I were as opposite as could be.  She was a ******** and I could barely bring myself to have sex with the lights on.  However, in the first year, we bonded quickly.  However, as the years went by, I was putting more into the friendship.  I was giving her all my study materials and she was barely returning my calls.  The result was a big rift in our relationship that we are just now beginning to patch. 
In relationships too, I get used.  My ex boyfriend had  a son and I was child free then.  I would babysit all night while he was at the bar after work (where he was cheating on me, I later found out.)  So yeah, I don't want people too close.  Not to be rude, but many are not worth my time.

Actually, I confide more in you guys on here.  Don't laugh; I know that's pathetic!!
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It's ok sometimes i do the same things :)

Thanks, kikio and Mosaic.

wow kinda similar. i only have two friends and sometimes i think i put in too much than i get back, second with guys i have had a bad first love experience so i dont trust them as a matter of a fact i do all the using and hurting bcuz i dont want them to get close. but u seem nice some what i would love to be ur friend.

You too, and I am gonna read your stories!!