It's A Nightmare

Until the age of 20, I lived in a very small and quiet village. I've been living in a big city for the last 5 years, and I still feel very bothered by what I consider excessive noise - particularly when I hear it at home.

For 2 years I had a flatmate from hell, who used to set up the alarm clock to 7AM and then hit the snooze button like ten times...sometimes she wouldn't even do it, and the alarm went off by itself after a minute of intense beeping. Most days my classes were in the afternoon, so I prefered to sleep a little more through the morning, but well, that was not possible. She also had the horrible habit of "clearing her throat" loudly (I don't know the exact word for it in English) while she was in the shower...well, she was a total nightmare for people like us, who are very sensitive to noise. Sometimes I just cried over it, because I was paying 200€/month - which represents half of a minimum wage in my country - for a room (+ kitchen and bathroom shared with two flatmates), and wasn't even able to concentrate or sleep properly.

Last year I moved in to a new house, which I'm sharing with my boyfriend. The flat is somewhat old, and we can hear our neighbours walking and talking if we have no tv or music on, but that's perfectly tolerable. Unfortunately , someone decided to rebuild the apartment right next to mine, which means that they start hitting the wall with a hammer at 8am everyday, and won't stop until 18pm...the neighbours of the other side of the building are also having some constrution work done, that is, I hear hammers and "black and deckers" all over the house, all day long since last November. When it first started, I was working on project at home, and a hard time trying to concentrate. Now I need to study for my final exams, but I just can't ignore the constant hitting on the wall. I was planning to go the library, but I'm so tired of all that noise I can't even get out of the house - looks like a paradox, but I'm sure you understand it. My head is so full of that bam-bam-bam I can't even hear my own thoughts.

I'm trying some white noise now, let's see if it works for me.
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1 Response Jan 9, 2012

try its free and they have white,pink and brown noise generators