Love, sex, romance. All varying and intermixed at times. Combined or by themselves, each can be so wonderful.

But to use ones senses. That is what it is all about.


 Her fragrance that fill the air around you. You know her from any other. So distinct, something even just similar in your day brings her to mind, and you know the difference. You stop, because she has taken your mind in the same way she takes your heart.


 The waves of her hair, the curves of her body. The way she moves and glides. Even when she rolls over next to you, you don’t want to disturb her, but look. Gaze upon the beauty as she sleeps. Her eyes, at peace as she rests. The curve or her brows, the hight of her cheekbones, her lips like a delicious treat, looking so tempting and soft.


 The touch. Her face so smooth. How soft her neck is when you taste. The firmness of her breast as you glide to the soft and sensitive stomach. Her legs, how they feel as she sleeps and places on over you for comfort. How delicate her hands, to hold, to kiss to caress. Her hair how if feels in the fold of your hand. So soft and shining as the aura of an angel.


 Her voice, her breath and each sound that she emits. A chorus of melodies no one could ever duplicate. To hear her every breath. To lay next to her as she sleeps. Hoping to never interrupt the melody that is she.


 I could write endlessly about the beauty that is a woman. The man who has one is fortunate to say the least. But a treasure of unspeakable beauty.


To hear, to touch, to smell and to see. How can one not be sensual with the expression that is a woman close by. He who does not see this, is truly blind. I am blessed that I see.

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May 14, 2010