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It's Far More...

It's more than just a feeling that passes through the night,
or the passion that flows through our veins.

It's more than just a reminder of a friendship that continues,
or a greeting to say hello or goodbye.

It's more than just warmth or comfort from the cold,
or the safety to ward off the fear.

It's more than the comfort to ease the pain,
or the quiet to overcome loss.

It's more,

so much more...

It's the feel of your flesh against me, feeling the warmth of your body against mine.
It's the flow of your hair as it passes between my fingers as I think of you resting in my arms.
It's the touch of your cheek against my chest.
It's the soft kisses when you look into my eyes.
It's your hand over me and my arm around you.
It's your leg over mine as you sigh and relax.
It's two bodies, come together.
To touch
To hold
To share
To love

It's far more than hugging in bed.

It's the feeling you give me and I share with you.

It's far more

It's far more

Wakanpyro Wakanpyro 46-50, M 1 Response Jun 16, 2010

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Thanks, this was really nice. I know it's not for me, but even the experience of just reading it was REALLY NICE. It's far more than I expect from many men.