I am work hard to acquire a better life,not just for materials but with my inner-self.I want to learn to be patient.Patient is important for a person.being patient helps me to understand others well and i am in my positive control.Attitude is seem very important, nowadays people misbehave themselves from respecting their family, neighbours, friends, parents and the old one.Attitude is one of the values that slowly vanished in this world.I know maybe it is not popular to do so in rapid changes happens now in the world.Once the topic about discipline and manner took place in prints , people seem to ignore it.
I am not good in writing but in my opinion , discipline is a priority values. As human we should apply it. Discipline is related to all values, discipline in cleanliness, respect, caring, helping and more others.
One should have a goals, when a person determined his/her goal then he/she is a person who have used discipline approaches along with theirs goals.We do complaint about everything in life but most of it are mainly about our basic needs.Yes it is important, discipline should also one major problem we need to polished and tailored in our society.
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