I Love Sensual Aromatherapy Massage

I love to go to the boutique and have a beautiful massage done... there is nothing more relaxing than to feel those oils anoint your body and clear your mind from burdens and hassalls from the world and other people... I love to go to a nice place that uses candles and a bit asian... I would love to run my own boutique and do a sensual massage for a really nice looking guy... :) and I sure would love one on me... that is my idea of heaven over most over sensual things!!!! a good massage, that is strong and gets into the sore areas and trigger point feels so relieving... I love the Chinese guys I go to they do massage better than most physiotherapists ... they are great!!! I enjoy a body aroma oil massage also, but I have not had one of those in absolute ages... they are dear now!
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36-40, F
4 Responses Jun 21, 2011

I enjoy a chinese massage as well......with a special finish even better. !!

Hi I'm a professional remedial masseur and very well trained in sensual massage. I'd love to accommodate you if at all possible.

I would love to go to a place that does couples and watch your eyes and movement as you and i get our erotic massages.

Hi read my story on giving massage, tell me if you think you would like the way I give. I love to recieve as well, we could trade?