I Think So Too

How am I to you..depends what do I trigger in you..my words my body langauge what does it reflect on you..vibes..emotions..stirs...we can learn it but I think it got to do more with your natural appeal.
Sexy is different, erotic is very specific but sensual..that is like a fragrance not much pronounced but making the atmosphere so calm and relaxing..you can smell that ambience..although you never can touch but feel it inside your mind..like a magical tune..melody ..yes..a music composed that instantly brings up your hope..to live again..you want to smile..and be yourself..disarm and open..safe..like one of the I read comments to his friend's gift..I feel safe with you..that is perhaps sensual..
I am ..as you feel..
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2 Responses Dec 12, 2012

I feel u as I wish u to b. I feel u as I wish for me. I feel for u a wish for u to feel for me


I certainly hope so.