Group Grope

My wife, Jane and I were at a party some years ago with our friends, another couple, S and F. The girls were getting drunk and I was bored because I'm a bit shy and tend to stay in the shadows when there are a lot of people I don't know.

Now for quite some time before this occasion Jane and I and S and F had been having sex in front of each other but we had never swapped or even touched each other - even though we were all dying to!

S is a very sexy girl, then about 22 and F was about 24 at the time. Jane, my wife was about 28 which would have made me about 33. Sue is tall and skinny whilst Jane is a very sexy, very slightly curvier girl. Both are brunettes.

Anyway, as I was saying, the girls were getting drunk and I knew that they were getting horny and as I hoped, Jane came up to me and said "We're all going back to S and F's place for an ****".

"This time its no holds barred, anything goes." she said as we got in the car. We followed S and F back to their house, Jane again telling me not to be jealous (as if!) and also not to do anything I don't want to do.

Well, we arrived at S and F's place and S went to the loo and I went to the lounge. Jane and F were in the kitchen making drinks - or at least that is what I thought until S came into the lounge and said to me that we had a little catching up to do. I started to kiss her and rub her ***** through her jeans. I asked her what Jane and F were up to and she said they were snogging.

At that moment Jane and F came into the lounge and we all started stripping off our clothes. We also quickly discussed "the rules" and spelt out anything we were not prepared to do. Both girls said "NO anal" (bugger!) and both F and I said "no boy on boy".

From that moment on it all becomes a bit of a blur. Jane and S started snogging each other. F and I started playing with their *******. S has a delicious **** and I remember being buried tongue deep in it until I felt a hand pulling at my head. I thought it might be F getting jealous but no, it was my extremely rude wife moving me out of the way!

Jane had only had one lesbian experience a long time back so I was mesmerised by the site of my wife licking S's *****. Briefly they entwined in a 69, but as is the way of all group encounters, they were half on, half off the sofa and us boys were trying to maintain both a clear view and some involvement!

I remember the sounds...murmurs from the girls, the sound of hands rubbing along warm flesh, the delicate crackle of ***** juice and saliva. The smell of hot ****.

S and Jane stopped licking and Jane said to me that she wanted to watch my **** slipping into S's ****. S lay on the carpet and Jane and F each grabbed one of her ankles as I knelt between her legs. Jane grabbed my **** with her spare hand and guided it to S's *****. All of us watched my **** slip into S's hot hole.

Jane then positioned her ***** over S's face so she could watch my **** pumping into her best friend's **** whist S licked her out. F positioned himself behind Jane and pushed his **** into her. S was treated to an extreme close up of jane's **** being ******* by F.

In the meantime, I was trying desperately to delay my ******. The view was simply too horny and I had to pull out of S. I stood up and watched Jane being ****** vey hard from behind with S licking both her **** and the underside of F's pistoning ****. Jane saw my **** shining with S's juices and sucked it into her mouth, licking and sucking it clean.

Suddenly F started to come and he pulled his **** out of Jane's **** and let his ***** dribble from Janes labia and buttocks onto S's face. Jane, being a dirty girl then ground her ***** into S's *** splattered face.

We all decided to have a little break and get some drinks. F went to the kitchen to get the ddrinks and the girls and I agred that we had never done anything quite as horny even in our dreams. I told Jane and S that I wanted them both to suck me, so S took my **** in her hand and started licking the tip whilst Jane started sucking my balls. Straight back to heaven! I still did not want to *** so after a short while I asked the girls to stop.

F was back up to full rigidity, helped by the fact that we were all talkking openly about what we wanted to do to each other and taking close up looks at the action. I remember casually examining S's **** and her tight little *** (I will **** it one day) and then having her explore my nether regions in the same way.

After a few drinks and a few more displays of such noble arts as wanking, ***** eating, deep throating I reminded the girls that I still had to ***. They had licked each other to a climax and then in the wanking demonstration gotten themselves off again. I asked them to get on all fours next to each other and after teasing their ******* a bit plunged my **** into Jane's hole. F knelt before them and they took turns sucking his ****. My thumb teased Janes bum hole as I ****** her and my other hand massaged S's ***** and ***.

Without warning I pulled my **** out of Jane and plunged it into S. I could feel my ****** approaching but I did not yet want to *** so I slowed down the pace. Exhausted, I sank to the floor and S squatted on my twitching ****. "Just sit there nice and stil" i asked her. Gradualy the pre-orgasmic twitching subsided and S began tightening her **** muscles around my ****.

In the meantime, F was once again ******* my wife. It was simple. It was crude. Jane was on her back and F was ******* her very hard. She had a wild, abandoned look about her. Her eyes were glazed over as F ****** the living daylights out of her.

It was the last straw. I started pounding into S who was still squatting on my ****. And then I came. The ****** that had been building all night was unleashed. I had never come like that before. S carried on ******* my **** with her tight **** as *** leaked out all over my balls and thighs.

S started to *** and the sight of her ******* tipped Jane over the edge and she came again too followed a few seconds later by F.

What a night.

Since then we have has several other encounters with S and F and one involving another couple, E and M, in a FFFMMM.

Jane has also become pretty much a full time lesbian (she will no longer **** any man besides me and considers herself to be 80% lesbian. She has a girlfriend called Cathy who we have both ****** together. But that's another story.

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Loved your story, sounds like I would love to met you both, esp your wife ! Thanks for sharing !

I'd like to think that it is true and could happen to me one day. LOL<br />
Enjoy. f2w