I was on my way home and stopped at bar for a few beers. This bar caters to straight,bi,and gay so you never know who you will meet. Iwas on my way back from a racetrack and I was dirty,greasey and smelled of gas,oil,sweat and god knows what else. I was not lloking for a hookup Ijust wanted beer. I was talking to the bartender and this person who looked like a girl came up and got a Jack and Coke. She looked at me and said " Were you at the race?" I said yes and she said 'I saw you,you had that black Dodge. How did you do?" I told here I broke and I was here to drown my sorrows. She laughed and left. I thought that was the end of that. I asked the bartender if he ever saw her before and said "Yes,a couple of times" I asked if she was a lesbian or a man. He said,"I have no idea. The way she dresses I can't tell" I drank my fill and went out to my truck and trailer andas I walked out I noticed her in front of a Audi A6 with the hood up. I walked over and asked her if she was O.K. She told me the serp belt had snapped and she was dead in the water. This was sunday and no place wthin 25 miles would have have a belt for that thing. I said did you call for help and she said"they told me to **** off" I said who and she said "My boyfriend" I told her I was going to the next town and I could give her a ride there but said How about if I come home with you. I thought well woman or man I going get some. When we got my place I unloaded thr trailer and we wnt in the house. I gave her a beer and told her I had to shower. I had been in there about five minutes and the shower door slid open and in she came. I now knew she was all girl. She kissed me and began to wash my ****,then dropped down and gave me a top shelf blow job. I made her dinner .we drank,smoked a couple of bowls and went to bed We have ******* nonstop for two days now and there is no talk of her leaving any time soon.
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Great story...but since it was a str8/bi/gay bar, I knida wish she had a ****! Know what I mean? Passable crossdressers are way hot.

wish it was me then maybe not.i don't think the wife would be to happy

well did you fix her car at least?

Mmmmmm got love idiot Bf's

I love a happy ending!

Sweet dude. Gotta love it. As long as you enjoy it and so does she the what the hell. What happened to her car?

What a great way to meet someone. When you aren't looking. My wife and I met when neither of us was looking.

I guess it's true that no good deed goes unrewarded :D

Is she still staying with you and does she like to share?

Sounds like you good deed is paying off big time and by the sounds of it she loves it as much as you, so enjoy it and who knows you may not want her to leave if she is that good.

A lady with a **** is the best there is.

When you have an open mind, a lot more possibilities! Great *******....nice! Woman or man?

Robert got it right--too bad she didn't have a **** . That that would be over the top.

Did she forget about her car?

Fabulous sweetie

to bad she didn't have a ****