Oral For My Woman

The difference between bad oral sex and good oral sex is attitude. It’s the way the giver enjoys what they’re doing without inhibition. Nothing is hotter to a woman than for her to think that you find her ***** the most delicious dessert on Earth.

Pretend her vagina is a cherry lollipop that you’re dying to lick. You love the way her ***** tastes. You love the way her ***** smells. You’re NOT giving her oral sex for her pleasure… you’re giving her oral sex for your pleasure. Keep eye contact with her as you move toward her pink treasure. Glue your eyes to hers a little longer than you would normally, even during silences. A gaze that stays overtime awakens primal feelings in her. .

To spice things up more, throw her a devilish look that conveys lust. Throw her one as you’re licking and sucking your way down her stomach. Stop and look. Install the feeling that you’re a “bad boy” in your head, make eye lingering contact, and slowly lick. Most women’s vaginas taste like hot, sweet, sticky, kind-of-salty candy. This next trick gets a woman really turned on. Once her ***** is soaking wet, stick your finger inside her vagina until its slick and shiny with her vaginal juices. Pull your finger out and suck her vaginal juices completely off while making eye contact.
Relax. Don’t worry. There’s almost nothing you can do that won’t feel terrific. Even if at times you may feel confused and uncertain, she’ll be in heaven. Any licking and sucking of her vagina or clitoris is going to feel great to her.

Approach her ***** slowly. Women, even more than men, love to be teased. Make her anticipate the sensations. Kiss and lick her inner thighs first. Then lick the groove where her inner thigh meets the outer vaginal lips. Go up to the very edge of her ***** licking long strokes. Before you touch her ***** with your tongue, gently use your softest, warmest breath on the whole area. Come dangerously close to her ***** and then float away.

Once she’s hot and wet, move onto the main feast. Give her ***** a tongue-lashing, but don’t touch her clitoris yet– you’re still warming her up and her clitoris might be too sensitive still. Move in and out of her ***** lips and around and around with your tongue. Keep your tongue wet and moist. It’s better to use the whole surface or the flat of the tongue rather than just the tip. After you’ve pleasured her ***** to the point she’s really wet and juicy, move on to her clitoris. A woman’s clitoris is the most pleasure sensitive part of her vagina and that’s where you’ll want to devote your attention. In fact, the tiny little clitoris has more sensory nerve endings than the entire penis!
Imagine the sensation of your entire **** being stroked all at once in the space of green pea. In other words, be gentle! Most men make the mistake of licking the clitoris too hard. Keep the pressure light, especially at first. Every woman is different however. She’s getting close to ****** now. Varying your stimulation is good for getting her there once she’s close to ****** you want to keep a steady rhythm and intensity. When it comes to clitoral *******, wandering off or changing technique when she’s on the verge of ******* will only sabotage it.

Once you’ve got her hips bucking up and down, pressing against your face and she starts to have an ******– don’t let go of that ****! Most men make the BIG MISTAKE of stopping too soon. Stay in there no matter what. If she’s bucking up and down, try to move with her as best you can. Unlike men, women enjoy strong stimulation while having an ******.

So how long should you keep going? Until she makes you stop. Usually you’ll know when she suddenly pushes your head away or says, “Stop!” because her clitoris will be very sensitive after she’s through having her ******. Otherwise, she’s one of those women who can have more stimulation after ****** and can have multiples, in which case just keep going. Women will adore you if you’re able to give them a good tongue lashing.

Love you GF
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thanksssss.......I loved this :) and would certainly try it out sooooon!!!!!

men we wish existed more....

The grt knowledge...
I ll try it next time...

I don't know where you learned your technique (or just figured it out with the help of your GF), but it sounds very good. I thought I knew everything. Thanks...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.