Idk Why But For Some Reason I Am....

when i was little they tell me i was soo outgoing and would go home with anybody lol not that they let me but that i would just talk to anyone anywhere

in elementary school i was the same way, everyone just liked me and i was probably well liked by just about everyone and would even talk to the other "shy" folks and get them to talk back to me(i just would annoy them that much i guess and they knew i wouldn't leave them along until the did talk back to me haha)

but then idk what happened...i just got shy for some reason...hmm...too critical of myself and i learned how others judged people i guess idk tho

but now i'm shy usually in public but for some reason on here i can open up and be honest so who knows...i guess its a trust thing lol

i know i don't ever go up to a random girl and say hi that's for sure tho haha and probably why i don't see myself getting a girl/married anytime soon haha or a job either as i'm too shy to go ask the people if they need my help haha silly me

papasmerf21 papasmerf21
22-25, M
Jan 12, 2012