Is Being Shy A Bad Thing?

Ok so on friday my family and I had a get together because my aunt came into town and people know I'm shy I have been ever since I was little and you think they would understand but they don't. Just because I'm shy they act like I'm not in the room. I have a hard time talking to someone unless they talk to me first then I have no problem keep up a conversation but no one ever does. So I ask my mom why doesn't any talk to me and they just talk to my other cousins and she respone "It's because your shy and your cousins are loud and talk more." That just makes me mad because why do have to be loud and talkative just so someone can act like I'm in the room when did being shy become a bad thing? Why am I always the one who has to be sitting alone at get together just because I'm shy it make me really sad like I'm not good enough.
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4 Responses Feb 12, 2012

I'm really shy and awkward to. Luckily I have a good amount of friends but their only one person whose my best and first friend that I feel like I can do anything and say anything in front of her because she knows me so well. I wish I could be outgoing like other people and really be myself around everyone like that. And starting conversation with people is so difficult. That's why it hard for me to make new friends. Especially when i'm around people I don't know I don't feel like myself. And even when i'm in a group and she's not their I feel kind of held back. I don't know. All I know is things could be a lot worse and I could be friendless.

I'm not shy at all, and I try to talk to everybody even to the shy people, because it isn't because you are shy that you aren't fun.

omg I am the same way one time i was visiting my cousins and one of my boy cousins said that their cousin was gonna come over to meet me and hang out but he said i probably wont get along with her because shes loud and im quiet and dont talk i also feel im not good enough

you are good enough just a little reserved its ok to be like you are the others in your family are being rude to you there are no excuses for that you are all family and should all be kind to one another vinny