That's The Way I Am...................

i am a very introvert person, with a shy nature. i find it difficult to go and talk to people who are absolute strangers to me. not to mention that i have trouble gelling with new groups. sometimes i really hate myself for this, but then i think whats the point blaming myself? i am an introvert , better to accept it and move on in life.
but personally i feel, those who are extrovert have a better chances than we introverts. i have faced this through out my life. sometimes i feel why can't i be as outgoing as others??
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2 Responses Oct 2, 2012

its fine to be shy dear! you are good the way you are.

I am exactly the same way. I am so introverted and I sometimes hate it because i see the outgoing people and see how they have lots of friends and can make friends easily and just talk to strangers. me i dont talk to people i dont know. it takes a while for you to get to know me but once u do, they love me.