I Tend to Have Different Perso...

i tend to have different personalitys around certain people. If i feel intimidated in any way i will be VERY shy, i wont talk at all. But when im comfortable i never shutup. I tend to annoy the calm. Im naturally a reserved person also, so when i feel like being alone il just walk away from everyone and just be alone i know that doesnt mean im shy but some people get the impression that when i do that i am just being shy
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Of course your personality will be different when your around different people. When your with your best friend of course your going to be outgoing and expressive. However, when your with someone that you've just met your going to be less outgoing, even shy around that person because you've just met them. Think of yourself as an onion. Different aspects of your personality come out (la<x>yers of your personality) come out with different people. Your not changing yourself, your just adjusting to a new situation.

Me too, I am the same. Either very quiet or never shut up. I am being more aware of this. I have social anxiety. I never seem to say the right thing when I am nervous

I am the exact same way, it takes me a long time to warm up to people but when I do my weird, goofy, random ADHD side pops out.

same with me, I think most people are shy around people they dont' really know but are comfortable around friends and family