The Shy Me

Almost too shy to talk about it on here. 

As a child i was shy, nerdish and too sensitive, which i never lost growing older. I think that i'm always too much, too intrusive or too much bothering people, so i don't. Work isn't too bad, because i can hide behind my experience and knowledge. 

Personal contact, it's difficult, no matter what i try to talk about, i don't feel confident enough to be me. Pretending isn't an option, i hate that.

Maybe i'm a bit autistic too, just a bit!

DutchPerson DutchPerson
2 Responses Sep 17, 2009

Shy doesn't mean lack of confidence for me. Being uncertain about my confidence starts after finding out that the wave lengths aren't quite the same. Before that, i tend to be quite confident. Perhaps bordering arrogant at times.<br />
Thank you for your thoughts!

Shy..Is that another word for confidence? Being around people that understand you and can talk to you on ure level. yes i think it is. u can function and communicate but because u haven't met people on the same wave length as u u feel isolated and will feel u don't fit in.Some of us never in a life time find people on the same wave length to bring our self's out of shells and give uses the strength to just be who we are.Be true to you're self.find like minded people u can be ure self with and u will get the strength u need.