I Met My Spirit Guide

I met my Animal Totem,He is a Siberian Tiger his name is Sam, I have many other Spirit Guides to Serval and Moose.  I met my Animal Totem a long time ago in my mind. I decided to meditate I asked a few questions.

"Are you there spirit guide?"
"Have I known you from somewhere else?"
"yes in past lives"
"Is your name Sam?" <---- (I sensed what his name was I just wanted to make sure)
"Why havent I ever seen you in dreams?"
"I never needed to go in ur dreams for u to know I'm your spirit guide"

I started to talk to him more and at first I wasnt sure if it was really him,my mom told me to trust my instincts and trust what u hear.
So I did of course, and he revealed his voice to me one day because till then he was using mine.
I have had many other experiences with him along with my other spirit guides.
I have asked him many questions about the unknown so far I come to find out everything he said is true.
I love my spriit guides and visit them often I am sychic so I can see everyones but I prefer meditation because I like the scenery that they show me.

FeralTigress FeralTigress
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1 Response May 10, 2012

very nice story, i didn't found my animal, but i'm trying to find he or her with meditations