So Tired Of Not Having Money

Not matter what i do how hard i work i seem to never have enough money. For the past few years i have looked so hard for a job and i could never find one. I always had side jobs making no more than 50 bucks a week. I finally get a job and its all about sales which sucks im not that great at sales and im hardly making money or have any hrs so im not making much money and all my money goes to bills or owing people money and everytime i want to save i cant. This sucks i feel like im never gonna get out. i never had much money to go to school and make a better living. I went to beauty school and i feel like i am terrible at doing hair so im scared to work in a salon and get fired. I donno what to do it just seems like money doesn't seem to come my way:(
Torishu Torishu
22-25, F
3 Responses Dec 8, 2010

I experienced that too. Though I graduated college but still I was not able to find a work that well compensated. I always think that the cause of this all is my ability to express myself in second language (english). I am lack of communication skills. And I am so tired of doing anything just to overcome the cause of my problem but still nothing happen.

your right. Im taking every opportunity i can

i think most of us are in the same boat re money somehow try and focus and doing work you love