Stronger Girls

Being a boy of 6 or 7 years I lived together with my aunt and her two elder cousins.
They were 12 and 13 and quite sturdy and much stronger as I was.
Their attitude was extremely snooty and the were backed by my aunt who seemed to be strictly against men.
I got bullied around a lot and had to do all unpleasant jobs in the household.

Whenever I tried to rebel against my cousins they made the schoolgirlpin with me by kneeling extremely brutal on my arms.
Once when I was so furious I was spitting into the crotch of my cousin and she ordered me to lick it away.
As I refused she sat with her full weight in her jeans on my face and rode my face brutally.

I feared she was going to smother me.

From that time my two cousins decided to punish me this way by riding my face.

My aunt knew about it and was saying that this is very punishment for a disobedient boy.
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26-30, M
Sep 25, 2012