Not Sure How To Endure Being Territorial...

I am very possessive about certain things and areas. If something belongs to me, I get angry if anyone else touches it. I don't like when people sit in my chair. When people look at me I get really mad and feel like clawing off their face, even nice people.
The big problem is my boyfriend and I just got a new puppy that I completely love and adore. I don't mind when he spends time with the dog, but when his daughter does I get sooooooo angry. I haven't acted on it, but this hostility I am holding in is growing and I don't want to snap. Partly it may be I've wanted a child for so long and when she begins mothering the dog or taking care of it I feel like I am about to boil over.

Any advice???
duncancs duncancs
1 Response Jul 11, 2010

That's when you go and take over with the dog. Pick up you puppy & take him with you where ever you are.