Why Im Thankful...

Im very thankful for the things in my life. I didnt used to be this way...until I met my best friend that turned my life around. No i didnt become a strong christian or anything...i just came to reality about the world and starting looking at things from a positive point of veiw. I realized a lot of things....but here are a few i think everyone should realize. Live each day to the fullest...you never know when it may be your last. Treat others like it is their last day. Live with no regrets...because you cant live in the past and you cant changed what happened. Everything happens for a reason. Dont live in your past because if you do then your past will repeat itself. Move on to bigger and brighter things! Dont ever under estimate yourself, you can do anything you set your mind to. Always believe in yourself! By living like that your life will be so much happier. If anyone would like to talk to me and get advice feel free to contact me...i love talking to people.


fabulousashley fabulousashley
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 12, 2007

Good advice! I had usually feel this way.