One Day At a Time

I was truly inspired to share my story by Ash. 

Every person sets goals in their life at some point in time. When we earn money we want the best things that life has to offer...a high status car, house, best clothes, shoes etc.  And believe me many of us do get what we want and more. But why is it so important to measure accomplishment or self worth according to what we own or what we want to get.  Lately I myself have wanted these things and I eventually realised nothing happens before its time. Instead of killing myself out I separated the necessary goals from the not so necessary ones. I needed to take a chill pill and then work my way towards my necessary goals.

Taking things slower made me appreciate the little things in my life like my health, my family members(I have never really experienced death of a close relative), my pleasant personality which helps me alot in my job.  So I am thankful now that I've taken time out...I really wanted two things before I turned 30 in Dec 1. my first house & 2. to get engaged. Now, even though I still desire those things, I think that having a peace of mind is far greater than rushing toward my goal and going crazy while doing it. 


islandgirl29 islandgirl29
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1 Response Mar 12, 2007

Love your story! You are very wise and good things will happen for you I feel because you have the right attitude!