Older Brother Ticklers

It's a bromide and boring as hell to hear stories of older brother's tickling younger brothers.  Older brothers often tickle younger ones, and who knows why exactly.  All of my siblings are older than I - two brothers.  The one brother is ten years older, my sister is nine years older, and my next brother is a year older.  He's the tickler of my childhood. Any chance he got, he tickled me with serious intent.  And he targeted my bare feet, although he also gave good concentration on my torso and arm pits.   Sometimes my older brother would hold me down while the younger worked me over.  My mom worked, my dad worked,  and the older one babysat us until we were in our teens.  So the younger had ample opportunity to tickle me without anyone's yelling at him.  My older brother just laughed at me or helped tickled me.  We two younger ones often slept together because we had a leak on the roof where my bed was.  My dad was slow at getting it repaired.  So until he fell asleep, I was tickled somewhere.  I asked him once why he tickled me so much.  His only answer was then and still is, "I like it."  I laugh hard and loud, with silly squeals, but don't fight back.  He still tickles me on occasion when we're alone or just my older brother is around.  He's been away to college, been involved with several women, has started his own busines, all in another town from where I am, but his tickling me is what I expect when we see each other.

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May 31, 2011