Tickling Ladies In Nylons

i love to tickle women´s feet while wearing pantyhose,nylons,stockings.
since i was a child i tickle a lot o f women on her feet. the mature ladies were my speciality at a child.
i started with one of my aunts. once i was playing with my toys on the floor of my house and she was sit at the couch watching tv. at the moment we were along. she was wearing brown pantyhose and her feet looks beautiful. when she came to my home she sat in the couch and removed her heels.
i pass with one of my car toy on her legs and feet using her legs as a bridge. she just looked at me with a big grin on her face and told me that when somebody touch her nylons it tickles a lot. i asked her where and she told me that i only have to touch her nylons in every part of her legs or feet and that wd tickle her a lot. and better of this, she told me that she liked, so i kept touching her legs until the knee and her feet very slowly for about an hour or a little more.
i was in heave.

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Wow, so tell me, wherer did you go from there?

I was introduced to tickling by a woman who was a friend of my mom named Theresa when I was around 6 years old. She loved to have her feet and legs touched and tickled and would encourage me whenever she was over the house (which was often)to crawl under our kitchen table and tickle her. Her feet, which were very pretty and always well cared for, were usually in nylons so I got very attached and attracted to the look and feel and even the scent of women's legs and feet in hosiery.I swear that Theresa's reaction to being tickled in hose was decidedly different than when I tickled her bare feet. I see this today as well when tickling bare feet versus nylon clad feet.<br />
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While I have absolutely no problem tickling the living daylights out a a barefoot woman or sensually teasing bare feet and legs those earliest experiences of tickling a woman in stockings or even just seeing a woman in hosiery is a huge turn on for me. <br />
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I also had an aunt who had the tiniest feet for a grown woman and she was insanely ticklish. She too would wear nylons when she'd come over to the house for family functions and I always found a way to tickle her pretty little size 4 feet.