He Likes To Tickle Me!

i have a guy bestfriend & i dont think anyone tickles me more then him!everytime we're together he tickles me!i dont think he knows i secretly love it. he kinda uses it as like if i dont tell him something he says 'fine then ill just tickle you' and he does , and doesnt stop till i cant breathe ! anyways about a week ago he was at my house & we werd laying on the floor, he himself is super ticklish and everyonce in awhile ill tickle him alittle & watch him freak out :) so i did that & he twitched and told me to stop (he hates being tickled) so i did it again obvisouly . next thing i know he got up and sat on top of me. i was laying on my stomach and he went for my WORST tickle spot... my armpits! he stuck he hands in there and started tickling. it tickled SO bad words can not explain! i was screaming and laughing begging him to stop! i said 'okay Im sorrrry! im sorry!' and hd said 'why are you sorry!?' meanwhile he was tickling my under arms like.crazy. i couldn't even answer him between my screams and laughs. finally he stopped. i had to sit there for a minute wiping away my tears and catching my breath. that was serious touture :)
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4 Responses Feb 28, 2012

Cute story ^_^ I would love to tickle you hahaha

aww :D lol

Omg i hate being tickled it is like the biggest thing in my school and my guyfriend will tickle me when i talk to teacher!

That guy is soooo lucky we should meet up sometime :) id love to make your fantasies come true