Very Ticklish Mom

I have a very ticklish tummy and armpits and my son who is 9 loves tickling it to death. He's a tickle monster alright! He tickles my belly button soooo much i dont think it will ever not be ticklish. I'm a mom and I absolutely HATE being tickled. It's is soo sensitive... My husband always licks my armpit and tickles me with a feather until i'm in hysterics and cant breathe then i get a break usualy he licks my belly button too!!!!! My husbands tickled me so good and laughed soooo hard I cried...
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2 Responses Aug 12, 2012

Good bonding with your son. Playful, just like it SHOULD be.

It is very sweet of you to allow your son the pleasure of tickling you. You are a good woman. One who understands the fascination that your body inspires in men. And is patient, even with her son, when they are overcome by the desire to see you giggle and squirm.