I Can't Stop Giggling!

I hate to be tickled! Cause that means I laugh..and I hate my laugh...but if you even poke my leg I will burst out laughing...I might snort a little....Yeah...my friend zyrain started to tickle me on the bus and holy crap! I could not stop laughing...got kicked off the bus btw.... =.= stupid laugh....lol
So yeah...I'm ticklish everrryyywheeerrree
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yeah you might hate your laugh but someone else might love your laugh

haha yeah

I'm extremely ticklish too. Sometimes I start to feel it when someone threatens to do it. I had a girlfriend about ten years ago who loved to do that. Drove me goddamned nuts. I finally had to tell her to stop or we were done. That's how bad it got. Anyway, that taught me a very important lesson. Much of it is anxiety. I do have generalized anxiety and I noticed I was more ticklish and it bothered me a lot more when she would do her "I'm so funny, look at me!" thing when I was more anxious. Just something to consider.

i had a bf who tickled me non stop till i kicked him where it hurts.


BTW wasnt me LOL


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