Tickle Tickle Tickle!!!!

Ok so here's my FANTASY. I'm laying in bed just normally with my friend. He's a guy. I don't like him. He's ugly. Just a friend XD but anyways, I'm just laying reading the Hunger Games, and I say "I am SOOOOOOO bored!!" And hang my upper body off the bed. He says "Good to know..." I said, "Oh shut up -.-" and poked his stomach. He's actually not that ticklish, but it's fun to poke him. He says he has a secret tickle spot that he'll not say, but that's another story 😏. So I go back down hanging off the bed upside down and he decides to get revenge. So he goes over to my stomach and quickly tickles me. "AHH!!!! No Don't do that!!!!" He said, "Why not??" "Because it scared me!" I lied. He apologized and let me get back to reading. But later, he crept over agen. Since my arms were up holding the book, my sides were REALLY exposed. He let me know he waz there by saying "Hi." And I said hi back. Then he spider crawled up my ribs and I giggled quietly and said "I'm not ticklish stop it." He said "Really now??" And tickled a little harder. This time I started laughing. "HAHAHAHA!! Sthohohohop!!!!" I kept the book in one hand and wrapped my other arm around my ribs. "We'll looks like someone IS ticklish huh??" And moved lower to my sides. I jumped and screamed and I pushed back on his hands. While I waz squirming around away from his hands, I fell off the bed. I thought he had his fill and waz done, but I stayed on the floor. Just put my legs back up on the bed. I know him. If he thinks something's funny he will keep doing it. So since there waz a space between my legs and the bed, he came over and pinched behind my knee. Not exactly behind my knee. A little lower on my thigh. He's a little sensitive there so he knows it will work on me. I jerked back and said "EHH!!" And he said "Haha sorry 😆" I knew he waznt sorry. But right after he said sorry he grabbed my ankle and started poking and tickling my foot. It waz total HELL!!!! I waz just sitting there kicking and screaming and squirming around. When he noticed I waz losing my breath, he finally stopped. FOR REAL. I still felt the tickling sensation in my foot and my stomach, but to him personally, it waz the funniest thing ever.
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Haha your tickling stories are awesome! All I know is that as a child I just let my self feel the tickle making me hysterical and go all crazy with kicking and giggling and after it, it felt like I just had so much fun just by a simple practice..

Like I love any thing that can make me happily laugh so much

Great story.I love tickling exposed ribs