I Really Got It This Morning!

I told how my b/f and his brother have started tickling me silly
since the brother, (Tommy), came to live with us.

Now they are tickling me every morning and every night! Plus
yesterday afternoon I had laid down for a nap, (always barefoot),
and woke up screaming because the guys were tickling me again.

They give me tickle torture because its not just 2 guys playing
with me for some laughs... NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

They tie me down and tickle my barefeet bottoms until I am
literally beside-myself hysterical: screaming, crying, peeing,
(and sometimes *jaculating), until they are through.

This morning they had me squealing in ticklish agony because
they found my "spots": little hollow places just under the balls
of my feet, and just kept tickling me there non-stop with their nails.

It drives me absolutely wild. I scream, thrash around and of
course beg for mercy. But they didn't stop until I was shrieking
and sobbing like a 5-year old. Its a nerve there or something.

It actually took me several minutes to "collect myself" and recover!
Now that the guys know my worst spots they will surely get me
there every time because my reactions are so "fun".

I don't know how long I can stand to have it done, but the boys
are determined to find out!
kulshady kulshady
41-45, M
Aug 23, 2013