Tickling My Friends Mom Was Fun

When I was 12 me, my friend, and his mom were on a spring break trip. We were just laying around in the hotel until it stopped raining. And I was really addicted to tickling. What got me started on her is when she attempted to tickle me one time. Ever since I've been wanting to tickle her sides and feet. It turned me on when she would walk around the house bear-foot or she would wear flip flops if we go somewhere. Anyways, I noticed she was laying on the bed bear-foot wearing a tank top and sweat pants. I knew it would be the perfect time to tickle her beautiful black feet. I got the chance when my friend said, "mom can we go somewhere now why do we gotta wait till the rain is done?" "I'm not taking you anywhere!" She replied. I said "come on!" "No I'm not taking you guys just wait!" She replied. Then I said, "oh yeah?!" Then I made her roll over then I pinned her down and started tickling her sides and she started bursting out laughing! HAHAHAHA AHA GET O-FF AHA HA HA HA AHAHA!!! "Now can you take us?" I asked. She screams N-OO-O HAHA HAHA AHA AHAA HAHAHA!!!! In my mind I'm saying I'm going for the feet now because the side tickle isn't working. So I slide down to her feet and start tickling it from the heel to her toes. NOOOOO HAHAHAHAHA!!!! STOPP AHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHA!!!! I asked, "what's so funny?" She said, MY FEET ARE TICK-LISH! AHAHAHAHA HAHAH HAHA AHAHAHAHA AHA!!!! As I got to her toes I did "this little piggy" with her toes. When I got to the 2nd to last toe I said, "this little piggy needs to take us out, then this little piggy got tickled!!" Then she bursts out laughing again. AAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHA HAHA OK HAHA I TAP OUT!! HAHAHA!! "Ok let's go" she says. I was turned on even more when she slid on her flip flops and she had a nice red toe nail color that also turned me on. That's something I won't forget! :)
Thatboyiscool22 Thatboyiscool22
18-21, M
Nov 7, 2013