***New tickle experience***
Okay so this whole situmawation started when I was at my grandparents house.
I was getting bored and decided to be a betcoh towards my sister (we are b**ches to each other it's just how we r but we still love each other) getting off track so anyway she was trying to wrap herself up in a throw blanket and when she was trying to I would continually poke her. Now if there is anything u need to know about my sister it I that she hate and I repeat HATES to be tickled. So basically I was pushing my luck and I pinned her down and started to tickle to sh!t out of her sides rib area.
Bad idea
Idk how in hell she did it but she manged to starts tickle me (same area) and I literally flipped to freak out.
I knew I was ticklish I mean if u even threaten tickling with me I'm already laughing my a** off. But this was different it tickle so bad. Worse then before. But wait there's more.
After are small tickle fight (I lasted 1 minute before tapping out) I agreed to "be a burrito" and rap myself up in a blanket. I still had my shoes on and I wouldn't keep my feet still so they keep hitting my sis. She got irritated and tried to take off my shoes.
Bad idea number two
I have never really had my feet tickled my sister got them once before and that ticked but nothing to where I couldn't handle it. This time it was different she wasn't even touching my skin before I flipped out and laughed hysterically.
She never got my shoes off. My grandma told her to stop. I'm kinda glad she did XD
Moral of the story I found out I was more ticklish then I thought, my feet got 10x more ticklish, and I can't last as long as I thought when being tickled
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Nice story. You should hit me up sometime(;

Great story, and yes good to know. Also, you only lasted a minute hahaha?!...bet you can't last 10 :P

And if your shoes didn't even get removed then how did it tickle LOL??

Highly doudt that
She got it halfway off

That's what I said, I highly doubt you would last haha :P.
Ah right ok...just be glad you werent wearing flip flops or sandles hehe ;)

Good to know ;) *wiggles my fingers at you teasingly*