Yesterday I went to my friends house to hang out and play video games. So we went outside for a few hours and we started playing tag and Daniel was it. I ran and hid under the deck behind the garbage cans. I didn't know he knew where my hiding spot was and he found me right away. Eric and Brodie told me not to tell anyone where they were hiding. Daniel ask where they were and I said I didn't know. But my face expression said other wise. He said he thought I did know and I denied it. And he started tickling my stomach and sides:) I laughed right away and said I would never tell him. He said he wouldn't stop unless I told him:) and I couldn't stop laughing. After 20 minutes he started started tickling my feet and that's when I spilled and told him:) I had fun:)😎😂
SuchHorribleThings SuchHorribleThings
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hehe,you got tickled for info :)