Today Mathew and I were in the grass field and I took my shoes off so I can get more comfortable since we had a long time until lunch and free time ended. Mathew got up an looked at my feet and smiled ( playfully ). He started going up and down the bottom of my feet with his two pointer fingers. I squealed and moved my feet quickly. He ( kidding around) said " oh did that tickle?" I said yes and he playfully, gently grabbed my ankles and tickled my feet with both hands up and down. I laughed a lot:) it really tickled me pink! ( lol ). My feet are more ticklish than I thought:) who every wants to chat about this or anything else feel free to message me!
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cute story. message me if u want

please message me
I would love to chat with you
I'm waiting.......!

Did he remove your socks can I see your beautiful bare feet

You love being tickled don't you I love your stories

adorable story sweetie

Thank you:)

welcome beautiful