At Least In Theory

I think I get very "touchy feely" when I feel some sort of intense emotion. I mean, I give quick hugs when saying hello and goodbye, but... Like I know when I feel sad, a nice long hug is a good remedy. I love my neices more than anyone else in the world, so getting big hugs from them is the best.

And then when I think about being with a girl/woman (which, of course, I never have), I feel like I would want my arms around them 24/7. You know, like with her back to me, her neck right there just waiting to be kissed. I dont know if it would be to keep them from getting away or just because I would likely be feeling so much love and emotion, and that's how I show it. I could probably never be with someone who didn't like that sort of thing.

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18-21, M
1 Response Feb 26, 2009

I adore touchy feely girls. To me that is a sign that they are completely comfortable, and don't have pre-conceived notions. They are friendly, very affectionate and loving, and yet have a good head on their shoulders. That has always been the biggest turn on for me, and after my divorce is final, that's the kind of girl I'm looking for. Playful and tender, kind and very romantic. It is the best form of communication that I like, cause it shows interest right out of the gate, and your able to let your guard down relax, and have the best time. The touch, I crave the touch, the look, all of it!