It's been exactly a year today since Bashar used chemical weapons on innocent children in Syria killing more than 1,400 people in one day! :'(

On the morning of August 21st, 2013, Bashar al Assad gassed 1500 innocent civilians to death in the al Ghouta region of Damascus (majority of whom were women and children). This was the deadliest chemical attack on Earth for the past 25 years. I say 'on Earth' because Assad has on numerous occasions, chemically bombed various regions across Syria including my own village. This wasn't the first time Assad utilized nerve agents against civilians; however, the quality and concentration of Sarin used on August 21st was far greater than any other event, including the Iraq-Iran war, resulting in an unprecedented death toll that has been documented by HRW. Afterwards, Assad was diplomatically barred from using Syria's stockpile of chemical weapons (which was the largest chemical weapons arsenal in the world at the time). Assad then 'took the moral high ground' and reverted to conventional arms.

May Allah honor the martyrs,rectify their affairs, pardon their shortcomings,and enter them into His Eternal Gardens without judgement or punishment.Ameen.

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