I Am Very Unforgiving

Once I asked my best friend to describe my personality she said: nice, shy, unpredictable and very very UNFORGIVING.

unforgiving yeah this is how I am, if someone hurts me somehow I find it hard to forgive, I used to be worse, whenever I fought with my friends they had to make the first step, because I would be mad at them for months. Even after we say sorry and are friends again, whenever I think back I am still mad no matter how many years have past. Sometimes I would even look for things to fight about and get mad about every little tiny thing.

But now I am older and I try to change and I'm doing good. Whenever I fight with my boyfriend I back down and forgive because I don't' want to lose him, same with my friends. But It's is still hard for me sometimes.

GrueneRose GrueneRose
2 Responses Apr 8, 2007

i thought i forgave but just could not forget the hurt. But after reading what you have written i guess i maybe unforgiving. My botyriend who hurt me so bad said that i was unforgiving and that i picked it from my mom who is in a devastating marriage. I refused to believe it then but now am thinking. if i really am unforgiving then i should address it fast.

when i've been hurt, i'm not quick to forgive either and the closer the person to me and the more i care for them makes it even more difficult. i have an ex that died over 3 years ago and i can't say i've totally forgiven him for hurting me.