I Failed To Do It

we pay for the failures we make in the past in the present day. I know its still possible and we can still succeed but its just soo much harder. I feel defeated. I hate living here, i hate working here, at my dads whom i live with. Its just depressing, im slowly losing my sanity and thinking if I should self harm myself. I hate everything.
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hello, lazymofo<br />
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my view is that we don't fail, we just find ways that did not work,,,, and then we can try something different. good wishes to you and your chosen path as a young adult, respect, from robbie.

Your mental must matter. When I try to do too much for others and not take care of me I realize I spread myself too thin. Don't spread yourself too thin.<br />
Tattoos help.

what are you? 14???<br />
<br />
grow up

what are you? a c*nt???......oh wait yea you are. You cant grow out of that

that was for talking like an as*hole. In truth I did grow out of it. I would never self harm.

hello there, therealsteve...... if only it was that easy... great if you had the kind of childhood that helped you build confidence and self esteem. i didn't..... but being abandoned at 13 y.o.....and living on my own, i had to grow up quickly... and ended up doing some unhealthy things before i sorted myself out. maybe this guy is struggling too? respect, from robbie

ah, lazymofo... i see your need to retaliate... but what do you actually gain from that? respect, from robbie

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i know how you feel. i've been telling myself recently that most of my failures seem worse than they actually are, and success is actually closer than i have made it out to be. that's what i've noticed in the past anyways. a lot of times i feel ilke i could have succeeded if i had just not given up quite so soon, and in fact i was succeeding, its just that i thought i was failing.

self harming yourself is something you should not do.it may seem like it makes you feel better cause you can feel the pain but it does not solve the problem.i have been in that state and found that i dont have to do that.the way i see it you just need to get out and have fun,hang with friends as much as possible.also talking to someone about it helps alot,weather its a close friend or a stranger that understands you.