I Don't Know....

Hey well lately well lets just say i been unhappy i just don't know who i am sometimes i feel like no matter how hard i try its never enough that I'm just a worthless piece of **** because of so many people judging me and most of them calling me stupid, telling me that i suck i tried to ignore all that but it has gotten to me way too easy because they are right even if i try my hardest to at least show that i can try , even if most of them are right i"m tired of always getting compared and being treated like an idiot , even if i do cut myself there were times where i just couldn't take anymore that i really wanted to end it all but then decide no,

sometimes i just wish i could just get away from the people i know and come back as a different person but i just don't know how i want to find who i am and actually be happy for the 1st time

any advice ?
blu93 blu93
Jan 22, 2013