I wish my life could have turned out differently. I am a married woman, but have been very happy for the last 24 year now. I guess it was ever since we had to sell our new townhouse and then move to a new city. I really hate living here. It so difficult to meet new people and make new friends. And forget about trying to find a new job or even a new place to live. I have also had trouble finding a new doctor one that I feel comfortable with. I don't have any children so that's one reason why I don't have a social life. I think I am also angry with my husband for moving us to a city like this. I was happy living in the new townhouse where we only live for 8 months. It was actually our first home, because all the other places we lived in were apartments. Even now we are living in a condo and not a house. There was one time that we did own our home, but we ended up having to sell it after only 7 months, because we moved to another small village where there was no transportation.And it was a 2 hour drive down to the city. I always had a dream of getting married and having our dream home, but that isn't the way things have turned out. We also moved a million miles away from our family and friends it was after we had been married for 5 years. I am not happy with my life now.
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Awwww i m so sorry