Organized Clutter

I am so glad to be done with high school. See, my school requires us to have mesh booksacks. We don't have lockers. So my booksack is my space. It's nothing for there to be small scraps of paper falling out and with so much going on, I have tons of papers. It's amusing to others and I laugh along but I really know where everything goes and is (most of the time...). My room is also like this. I have been unorganized my whole life. When I was little my mother said I'd grow out of it. Boy, was she wrong. I'll be eighteen in two months. Yes, I do understand how to organize and I'm very clean, but my room is cluttered. Some of that Is my fault but she hates to admit it's hers too. She puts things in here that doesn't "fit" in her room and it sure as heck doesn't fit in mine. She complains often if there's one thing on the floor. Guess thats just how it is though!
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Dec 14, 2012