Grew In Later

I am definitely pretty hefty in the **** and balls department. Though many guys on this site still have me beat by far. I don't remember being hung when I was younger though, so I assume it kind of grew in late.

In grade school during gym class I had many chances to see boys my age in their underwear while changing, and I was about the same size as them. Looking back on it though, I have always been a smaller guy (about 5'4" and 140lbs now). I was a very small young boy as well, so I guess having the same size package as these much bigger boys meant I was better off in that department lol.

Regardless, I never realized how big I was until high school. That's when I noticed that erections were becoming much more difficult to hide than they used to be. My hard on would grow up over the top of my leg toward my pocket and looking down at it, it was extremely noticable.

I don't know if any girls in class then ever saw it but I don't care much anyway.

Now a days, the couple girls I have been with that have seen it have been shocked. Probably because they expect a small penis to be on a small guy. My girl now loves it and can take the entire thing, though sometimes I'm still a bit much for her.
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how hefty in the package department are you?

really? i want to see this with something that would suggest it's size, there are so many 9 or 10 inches these days that left us old folks out and I've seen a number both erect and flaccid (hard and soft). I just don't understand, or feel left out.

better late than never I guess, my gf isn't ready to take all of mine yet, how big are you and how long did it take for her to be ready to take it all?

Man never try to hide your size, be proud of it !

good for you,, and dont be ashamed or try to hide it,,