From An Early Age

I have always been well endowed. I also haven't changed much at all from about the age of 14. At 14 my growth just suddenly stopped i was 6ft rather broad and very well toned.

The other thing that made the most impact on my life. Being the age of 14 with a 9" penis 7" girth and also being 6.5" flaccid.

This i would say was both a blessing and a curse. It has been the cause of some very awkward moments.

One i remember like it was yesterday. Sports day in high school and the 100m sprint the last event. The whole school is watching and at the start of the race my shorts had rode up so my penis then fell out the whole school mouths wide open as i finish the race. A couple of friends then laughing so much told me what had happened and to this day i cant help but look back and laugh at the situation of having a few hundred people see my member fall out.
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im sure there was some girls with some wetness !!

Haha yeah i have had a fair few good nights of the back of that day :p